"Writing is a way of life." 

~Kayla Lowe


Kayla Lowe has always held a passion for the written arts and has been writing sporadically from an early age. At age 15, she was among the youngest of Tennessee students to ever attend Tennessee's Governor’s School for the Humanities, and at age 16, she began writing her first novel, the Christian romance, Maiden’s Blush. An avid reader herself, she enjoys novels about The Phantom of the Opera as well as historical romance, Christian romance, chick lit and other genres. Kayla has been a freelance writer since 2007, and she was awarded recognition for being one of the "Top 100 Writers on Yahoo! Voices" in 2011. In 2017, she became an editor and hobbyist blogger.



Although Kayla never considered herself a poet, she kind of "fell into poetry." She shared a few of her poems online one day, and due to the overwhelmingly positive reception by her fans, she started what she calls her "Poem of the Day." Each day she writes a new poem and publishes it across all her social media channels, including her Wordpress, Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook profiles. Follow Kayla on any of her social media profiles to read her  poem of the day every day. 

© 2018 by Kayla Lowe. 

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