Here’s what people are saying about Phantom Poetry: 

"To begin with I think this has to be one of the most gorgeous covers I have seen in a while, having said that now let me get to the content………….par excellence. I have never seen a book with Phantom poetry. It took me a bit to be able to put it down to come and review it, I was that into it. This is truly a little gem to go into any Phans collection. A must have simply for any Phan. The thing here is you don’t even have to be a Phan to be able to appreciate this one. It is beautiful."

– A Phan’s Lair

"The Phantom of the Opera is a tale more than a century old that has been told in theatre, fiction, film, and now, in a collection of poems that captures multiple perspectives within this literary classic. Using a series of persona poems, Kayla Lowe imagines the emotions and thoughts of each of Phantom’s three main characters by writing from their points of view. The result is a beautiful and often chilling account of the story from a three dimensional perspective. Most successful are the poems that capture the viewpoint of Erik, the Phantom; these works are excellent in their rendering of his personal torment, horrific past, and desire to be loved. Fans of the musical or book will appreciate the additional insight the different poems lend to the story, but Lowe provides sufficient detail and background that the collection can serve as an introduction to Phantom as well and possibly open doors for poetry readers to discover its seminal role in popular culture."

– Kori Frazier Morgan

Author of Bone China Girls

Here’s what people are saying about Maiden’s Blush:

"…Maiden’s Blush was a delight to read, and will be enjoyed by non-Christians and Christians alike. Anyone who wants to understand the internal struggle between passion and reality, right and wrong, cleanliness and sin, all while considering the importance of accepting God’s love, not romantic love itself, as part of our core happiness."

-Jessica Woken

Writer/Editor, Mountain Owl Ink, LLC

Read more of Jessica’s review below:

Maiden’s Blush by Kayla Lowe is an entertaining, worthy read. The characters—each of them refined, spunky, and smart—ooze charm. The plot is delicately fabricated, interwoven with small intricacies that invite you into the scenes with detailed descriptions and entertaining character interaction.

The action starts abruptly, a good “movie scene” beginning to a promising story, with a gripping first line:

“Terror filled her as she ran, stumbling across the snowy terrain.”

This line sets the tone, immediately building the reader’s anxiety over a huge problem—and moral conflict—that needs rectifying. And fast.

Enter our hero: Jack. Young, rich, and with his moral compass pointed in the right direction, we soon come to realize he needs saving as much as poor Katrina does.

It’s a stage set for romance novel perfection.

While Katrina’s unfortunate circumstance is the starting point to the story, it’s really Jack who drives the book’s tension. The root of the plot isn’t the girl, but Jack and his struggle as a Christian man trying to manage his growing passion for Katrina. Lowe craftily draws us into Jack’s mind and heart as he interacts with his houseguest, and we suffer with him as he battles the temptations of lust and fights off the selfishness-sin of emotional isolation, a sin that goes against God’s intention for humans to develop spiritually intimate, romantic relationships with another person, relationships that build upon our understanding of His love and passion for us.

Lowe also cleverly weaves The Phantom of the Opera into her tale, adding more depth to the story. As Jack and his best friend, Eric, compete for Katrina’s attention, the tension thickens into a nail-biting rivalry, leaving the reader to wonder how—just HOW?—will Lowe cleanly tie this one off?"

- Jessica Woken

Writer/Editor, Mountain Owl Ink, LLC

See Maiden’s Blush on Jessi’s Reading List.

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"Are you a lover of Christian romance novels but find it hard to find a good one to read? If you’re like me, it’s sometimes difficult to find a romance novel that features an ideal balance of all the right qualities:

  • Quality writing without any spelling and grammar errors

  • Free of suggestive language and sex scenes

  • Intriguing, well-crafted plot that won’t let you put the book down

  • Believable characters that you win your heart

  • Beautiful love story that you can’t forget long after the last page

If you appreciate any or all of these qualities in a good, Christian romance novel, please let me introduce you to Maiden’s Blush by Kayla Lowe.

The lovely and graceful Katrina Weems is on the brink of the successful life she’d always been waiting for. Yet, far from her home in Tennessee and betrayed by a man she thought her friend, she finds herself seeking the shelter of a stranger in Massachusetts. Trapped by fear, she gratefully accepts the protection of two kind men, but when matters of the heart intervene and she must choose between them, her world is thrown into even more chaos. This young maiden must endure much more than she had ever anticipated before finding the One who can truly save her.—-book description from Amazon

My Thoughts about Maiden’s Blush

Where do I begin? First of all, author Kayla Lowe’s writing is so beautiful. It flows effortlessly and smooth as a satin, making it easy for you to become engrossed in the imagery of every scene.

Secondly, the plot! Designed loosely around the Phantom of the Opera storyline, the plot of this book captures your attention from the beginning and takes you on a journey with many twists and turns, keeping you in suspense about what will happen next.

The characters are well developed, and what I loved most about the main characters is that while they are quickly attracted to one another, their relationship builds slowly and naturally. You can’t help but see them as two real people with faults, dreams and concerns, inwardly hoping they will work things out into a happily ever after.

As a fan of Christian romance, I especially loved how Kayla Lowe ever-so-gently weaves in a spiritual journey as well that grows little by little.

If I could only use one word to describe Maiden’s Blush, it would simply be: Beautiful.

About Kayla Lowe

Kayla Lowe has always held a passion for the written arts and has been writing sporadically from an early age. At age 15, she was among the youngest of Tennessee students to ever attend Tennessee’s Governor’s School for the Humanities, and at age 16, she began writing her first novel, the Christian romance, Maiden’s Blush. An avid reader herself, she enjoys novels about the Phantom of the Opera as well as historical romance. Kayla has been a freelance writer since 2007, and she was awarded recognition for being one of the “Top 100 Writers on Yahoo! Voices” in 2011. In 2017, she became an editor and hobbyist blogger.—from Amazon

You learn more about Kayla Lowe at her website:

Check out the 5-star reviews of Maiden’s Blush on Amazon"

- La La's Book Blog

Karen L. Roberts, Author of Jack's Story: A Love Story of God & You

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